I am an attorney with right of audience before the Danish Supreme Court. For many years I have been deeply engaged in criminal law – both as court-appointed defense counsel and as external lecturer in the subject at the University of Copenhagen. Thus, I have an in-depth knowledge of the area both in practice and in theory.

I am engaged in all types of cases within the field of classical criminal law and have considerable experience in cases on white-collar crime, including cases on VAT carousel fraud, cases on insider trade and market manipulation as well as major fraud actions.

Due to my broad practical experience I'm a highly recommendable defense counsel with a legal and human insight who can steer you through legal proceedings – from the charge being brought until the conclusion of the case. 

Besides my work as court-appointed defense counsel, I have provided legal counseling to both organisations and individuals within the field of copyright. I head the Legal Secretariat in Copenhagen which is a joint secretariat for three associations of composers, namely , DJBFA, DPA and DKF. Through this work I have built up a very high degree of specialist knowledge within counseling of composers, musicians and other rights owners. 

Call me: + 45 28 10 96 37 or mail: casper@calaw.dk